We provide a wide range of dental services:

Routine Dental Care: This includes diagnostic dental radiographs and panorex x-rays, dental prophylaxis (cleanings). Dr. Siu personally does all the dental prophylaxis himself, as well as other procedures related to dental prophylaxis, such as deep cleanings and scaling/rootplaning procedures. We treat patients of all ages.

Restorative Dental Care: This includes composite resins (tooth colored fillings), cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, ceramic crown and bridge and implant restorations, from placement to completion.

Periodontal/Prosthedontic Treatment: Periodontics is the treatment of the gums and supporting tissues to the teeth. This includes scaling and root planing (deep cleanings), surgical gum procedures and bone grafting. Prosthedontics is the treatment and restoration of the dentiton, which includes all the procedures listed in the Restorative Dental Care category as well as more sophisticated specialty procedures involving the placement of dental implants. These specialty procedures are performed by Dr. Kuntz.

Endodontics: Commonly known as root canals.

Oral Surgery: These procedures include extractions, biopsies, implant placements, bone and soft tissue grafts.